English4Gamers – Episode 9 – Donkey Kong Country

Last Tuesday Richard published the 9th episode of English4Gamers. Unfortunately, I was a bit busy last week 😦 and I didn’t manage to share it with you. As always, I wrote a vocabulary list and I suggest that you read it before watching the video. This time, we decided to play Donkey Kong Country, a 1994 platforming videogame published by Nintendo. The game is set on an island and the protagonists are Donkey Kong and his nephew Diddy Kong. They must recover their stolen hoard of bananas stolen by the Kremlings (anthropomorphic crocodilians). You can test your listening skills with a fill in the gaps exercise.


CROCODILE: croc-th

TO PICK: to take something with your fingers; to gather together; to collect.
They were picking strawberries last week.

TO DEFEAT: to win against someone in a fight, war, or competition.
We must be ready to defeat our enemies in battle.

TO ROLL: to move forward while turning over and over.





BARREL: barrel

STORYLINE: the plot of a book, film, play, etc.

SUPPLY: the amount of something that is available to be used.
Ex. We have three months’ supply of tuna to eat.

RHINO: rhinoceros.

TO SWITCH: to make a change from one thing to another.
Ex. After the bank robbery, the gang switched cars.

ROPE: a strong, thick string that is made by twisting many thin strings or fibres together.
Ex. She made a knot in the rope.

TO SWING: to move backwards and forward or from side to side while hanging from something.

WASP: a flying insect, often black and yellow, that can sting.

BEE: a yellow and black flying insect that makes honey and can sting you.

TIP: a useful suggestion.
Bob gave us some tips about travelling in Italy.

CAVE: a hollow or natural passage under or into the earth, especially one with an opening to the surface.

SWORDFISH: 12065772261888188981yves_guillou_swordfish_1.svg.med.png

Downloadable PDF version: English4Gamers Episode 9 Donkey Kong County

Fill in the gaps in the following sentences with the correct words:

Box - words (7).jpg

  1. R: I finished it _______________times.
  2. R: What kind of _______________ do we have here?
  3. R: Basically, you are versus _______________.
  4. A: How many_______________do we have?
  5. A: How can you _______________ enemies?
  6. R: Or you jump over them or you _______________.

  7. A: Is there a _________________?
  8. R: You are Donkey Kong. You live in this_______________. One day, this crocodile, the Crocodile King came to your island and stole all your bananas.
  9. A: Yeah … My secret supply of _______________ hidden somewhere … He’s found it and …
  10. R: It’s a _______________ hard game, I must say.
  11. R: When you _______________ three of them … oh … I’ve just failed … When you pick three of them you gain a bonus _______________ where you can get more lives.
  12. A: But it’s difficult. I cannot see _______________.
  13. R: This is the first _______________, you have to collect four of them.
  14. A: I don’t like _______________ … This is _______________ rain. I want a sunny day.
  15. A: No, the big one is a _______________.
  16. R: This is a _______________, right? Not a bee.
  17. A: Bees are really nice and _______________ actually.
  18. A: Did you just _______________ at the exit?
  19. A: I like that they’re _______________ together.
  20. R: This is our _______________ probably, who give you tips and …
  21. R: This is a _______________ – level.
  22. A: You have to take your _______________.

Downloadable PDF version (without answers):English4Gamers – Episode 9 – Donkey Kong Country – Fill in the gaps

Downloadable PDF version (answers):English4Gamers Donkey Kong Country Answers


English4Gamers – Episode 8 – Doom

The 8th episode of English4Gamers is finally out! I suggest that you take a look at the vocabulary list before watching it ;-). This time, Richard and I decided to play Doom, a 1993 science fiction horror-themed first-person shooter (FPS) video game. If you want to test your listening comprehension, you can try to fill in the gaps with the correct words in the sentences below the video. You can download a PDF version of the video & the answers.

VOCABULARY LIST - episode 8 - English4Gamers - Free English Materials For You - Doom.jpg

TO GUIDE = to accompany (a sightseer) to show points of interest and to explain their meaning or significance.
Ex. He guided her to the front row and sat beside her.

TO RELEASE = to make available to the public.
Ex. The band’s latest album will be released next week.

TO BLEED = to lose blood.
Ex. She was bleeding from the face and hands.

BY THE WAY = used in speech to introduce a statement or question that may or may not relate to the current topic of conversation.
Ex.  By the way, have you received that letter yet?

AMMO = objects that can be shot from a weapon, such as bullets or shells.

ACCURATE = precise; able to produce results that are correct.
Ex. The machines were not yet accurate enough to give useful results.

Free downloadable PDF version: English4Gamers – episode 8 – Doom – Vocabulary

Fill in the gaps in the following sentences with the correct words from the box:

Box - words (5).jpg

  1. RICHARD: With the blue button you _____________.
  2. RICHARD: With the green button you ___________ weapon.
  3. ANNA: There was like an __________________ and it went wrong. So there are these ___________________ people walking around.
  4. ANNA: It’s like … I’m ________________ to playing it on my __________________ and it’s so different.
  5. RICHARD: Go in __________________ of the stairs and press only the forward button.

  6. ANNA: Here there is a secret _____________________ I’m sure.
  7. RICHARD: Go _________________, on the left side. There should be a secret room.
  8. RICHARD: This is the first secret. There are two ______________________.
  9. RICHARD: Your nose is ___________________ by the way.
  10. ANNA: I’m __________________. Look at my face, full of blood and wounds.
  11. ANNA: I want the ______________________.
  12. ANNA: We need another weapon. This is not __________________________.
  13. ANNA: Go straight on and up the stairs. Go through the room with the ________________ to the lift.
  14. ANNA: I think so … To the _______________ and travel __________________. So you have to take a lift.
  15. ANNA: That’s an imp. You see that he has _____________________ on his shoulders and on his elbows.
  16. RICHARD: Yes, they are really ___________________ by the way.

Free downloadable PDF version (without answers):English4Gamers – Episode 8 – Fill in the gaps exercise (without answers)

Free downloadable PDF version (answers) : English4Gamers – Episode 8 – Answers




English4Gamers -Episode 7 – Prince of Persia part 2

The 7th episode of English4Gamers is out. In this episode, Richard and I are struggling a bit. It’s the second level of Prince of Persia, a famous but difficult retro game. It’s not the first episode based on this game, but there are some new words you can learn. I suggest that you read the vocabulary list below before watching the video. There is a fill in the gaps activity that you can try to do afterwards. You can find the answers in the PDF file.


TO LEAD = to take someone somewhere, by going with them.
Ex. She led us to the door.

TO ADVANCE = the act or process of moving forward.
Ex. Our plans are to advance toward the city.

TO PARRY = to defend yourself by turning or pushing aside.
Ex.  The big man turned, parried, easily deflecting the swords with his broadsword.

TO SLASH = Cut with a wide, sweeping movement, typically using a knife or a sword.
Ex. The first time I told Madi that I was dating, she slashed my tires.

TO BACK OFF = to move backwards in order to get further away from something.
Ex. Okay, you’re going to have to back off a half step.

SPIKES Spikes_meaning

TO DEFEAT = to do better than another in a competition or battle; to win; to beat.
Ex. Together we might be able to defeat the witch.


ASHAMED = feeling shame or guilt; feeling embarrassed.
Ex. I’m not ashamed to be a servant.

TO PICK UP = to lift (someone or something) from the ground or a low surface.
Ex. You must have picked up his jacket by mistake.

Downloadable PDF version: ENGLISH FOR GAMERS – Episode 7 – Prince Of Persia – Vocabulary

Fill in the gaps in the following sentences with the correct words from the box:

Box - words (1)

  1. Richard: We killed the _______________________.
  2. Anna: We have to _______________ the prince out of these _________________________ into the tower where the princess in locked. Because Jaffar _________________________ her.
  3. Richard: With SHIFT you __________________.
  4. Richard: I have one life ___________________.
  5. Anna: There are the spikes and there is the jar with the ________________.
  6. Richard: Maybe there are these ______________ on the ________________ that you can break, I’m not sure.
  7. Richard: Such a small jump and you ______________ your legs.
  8. Richard: It was ___________________.
  9. Anna: ___________________ the opponent, the swordsman!
  10. Anna: Slash! Slash! And then back ____________.
  11. Richard: You have to ________________ when he attacks you, not like … You can’t keep pressing the button. When he attacks, you press it and you ________________________ yourself.
  12. Richard: You are really ________________ at this game, but you have like half ____________ so …
  13. Anna: We have _____________ minutes to save the princess. I don’t think we will do that.
  14. Anna: You can’t change the ______________________.
  15. Anna: Just keep _________________ what you are doing.

Downloadable PDF version (without answers): English4Gamers – Episode 7 – Prince of Persia part 2 – Fill in the gaps exercise

Downloadable PDF version (answers): English4Gamers – Episode 7 – Prince of Persia part 2 – Answers


English4Gamers – Episode 6 – Super Mario Kart – Listening Comprehension

English4Gamers episode 6 Super Mario Kart Listening Comprehension femfy Free English Materials For You.png

Downloadable PDF version (without answers): English4Gamers – Episode 6 – Super Mario Kart – Listening comprehension

Downloadable PDF version (answers): English4Gamers – Episode 6 – Super Mario Kart – Listening comprehension – answers

English4Gamers – Episode 6 – Super Mario Kart

The 6th episode of English4Gamers is out :-)! In this episode, we play Super Mario Kart, a racing game for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System and the first game of the Mario Kart series. I suggest that you read the vocabulary list before watching the episode ;-). I’ll upload an interactive quiz based on this episode tomorrow or Sunday. We are trying to improve, so if you have any suggestion, please, let us know :-).

VOCABULARY LIST - episode 6 - English4Gamers - Free English Materials For You - Super Mario Kart

VOCABULARY LIST - episode 6 - English4Gamers - Free English Materials For You - Super Mario Kart (1).jpg

VOCABULARY LIST - episode 6 - English4Gamers - Free English Materials For You - Super Mario Kart (2).jpg

English4Gamers – Episode 5 – Prince of Persia

We published the 5th episode of English4Gamers. Here you can find the episode with a vocabulary list and interactive quiz:

English4Gamers - Episode 5 - Prince of Persia - Listening activity - free english materials for you

If you want to watch the episode without taking the quiz: Richard Retro . I suggest that before watching it you read the vocabulary list:

VOCABULARY LIST - episode 5 - English4Gamers - Free English Materials For You - Prince Of Persia (4)

VOCABULARY LIST - episode 5 - English4Gamers - Free English Materials For You - Prince Of Persia.jpg

VOCABULARY LIST - episode 5 - English4Gamers - Free English Materials For You - Prince Of Persia (5)

English4Gamers – Episode 4 – Street Fighter II

In this episode, we continue playing Street Fighter II. At the beginning, there is a vocabulary list with all the words you will hear and maybe you don’t know. During the episode, you will have to answer some questions. If you have any suggestions, write them in the comments below ;-). If you just want to watch the video, without testing your knowledge, click here: Richard Retro Channel

English4Gamers - Free English Materials For You - Listening Activity.png