English4Gamers – Episode 10 – Doom

The 10th episode of English4Gamers is out! In this episode, we keep playing Doom (1993), a science fiction horror-themed first-person shooter videogame by id Software. As always, I suggest that you read the vocabulary list before watching the episode. There is also a fill in the gaps exercise (with downloadable version and answers) to test your listening comprehension.

VOCABULARY LIST - episode 10 - English4Gamers - Free English Materials For You - Doom.jpg

  • TO PICK UP: to take hold of and lift up.
    pick up
  • AHEAD: in or toward the front. 
  • KEY CARD: a plastic card, similar to a credit card, containing data on an embedded magnetised strip that can electronically unlock a door, activate a machine, etc.Keycard
  • ON PURPOSE: in a way that is planned or intended.

Downloadable PDF versionEnglish4Gamers Episode 10 – Doom – Vocabulary

Fill in the gaps in the following sentences with the correct words from the box

Box - words (8)

  1. Richard: And today we ______________ playing Doom.

  2. Richard: We ______________two new weapons.

  3. Richard: So … Try this weapon. If you don’t like it, you ______________ to the

  4. Richard: You see? They’re __________  you.

  5. Anna: I feel so ______________ with this gun.

  6. Richard: You can’t go here because you need a blue ______________.

  7. Richard: Go ______________ and turn right.

  8. Anna: Just because I have this gun, not because I’m good ______________.

  9. Richard: Okay, let’s use the _____________ instead.

  10. Anna: Come on! You want to die. Noooooo … Use the other one, don’t be ______________.

  11. Richard: There is a ______________ over here, a red button.

  12. Anna: It’s ______________. Where is the light switch?

Downloadable PDF version: English4Gamers – Episode 10 – Doom – Fill in the Gaps Ex.

Answers: English4Gamers – Episode 10 – Doom – Answers

English4Gamers – Episode 8 – Doom

The 8th episode of English4Gamers is finally out! I suggest that you take a look at the vocabulary list before watching it ;-). This time, Richard and I decided to play Doom, a 1993 science fiction horror-themed first-person shooter (FPS) video game. If you want to test your listening comprehension, you can try to fill in the gaps with the correct words in the sentences below the video. You can download a PDF version of the video & the answers.

VOCABULARY LIST - episode 8 - English4Gamers - Free English Materials For You - Doom.jpg

TO GUIDE = to accompany (a sightseer) to show points of interest and to explain their meaning or significance.
Ex. He guided her to the front row and sat beside her.

TO RELEASE = to make available to the public.
Ex. The band’s latest album will be released next week.

TO BLEED = to lose blood.
Ex. She was bleeding from the face and hands.

BY THE WAY = used in speech to introduce a statement or question that may or may not relate to the current topic of conversation.
Ex.  By the way, have you received that letter yet?

AMMO = objects that can be shot from a weapon, such as bullets or shells.

ACCURATE = precise; able to produce results that are correct.
Ex. The machines were not yet accurate enough to give useful results.

Free downloadable PDF version: English4Gamers – episode 8 – Doom – Vocabulary

Fill in the gaps in the following sentences with the correct words from the box:

Box - words (5).jpg

  1. RICHARD: With the blue button you _____________.
  2. RICHARD: With the green button you ___________ weapon.
  3. ANNA: There was like an __________________ and it went wrong. So there are these ___________________ people walking around.
  4. ANNA: It’s like … I’m ________________ to playing it on my __________________ and it’s so different.
  5. RICHARD: Go in __________________ of the stairs and press only the forward button.

  6. ANNA: Here there is a secret _____________________ I’m sure.
  7. RICHARD: Go _________________, on the left side. There should be a secret room.
  8. RICHARD: This is the first secret. There are two ______________________.
  9. RICHARD: Your nose is ___________________ by the way.
  10. ANNA: I’m __________________. Look at my face, full of blood and wounds.
  11. ANNA: I want the ______________________.
  12. ANNA: We need another weapon. This is not __________________________.
  13. ANNA: Go straight on and up the stairs. Go through the room with the ________________ to the lift.
  14. ANNA: I think so … To the _______________ and travel __________________. So you have to take a lift.
  15. ANNA: That’s an imp. You see that he has _____________________ on his shoulders and on his elbows.
  16. RICHARD: Yes, they are really ___________________ by the way.

Free downloadable PDF version (without answers):English4Gamers – Episode 8 – Fill in the gaps exercise (without answers)

Free downloadable PDF version (answers) : English4Gamers – Episode 8 – Answers