School idioms

A great infographic by Kaplan International Colleges on School idioms:

Kaplan International

Example sentences with these idioms:

    Margaret rarely leaves the library. She has typical symptoms of a bookworm.
    Over the next three days, we’ll hear stories of bravery and brainstorm solutions for change.
    She called me a copycat for wearing the same prom dress.
    I haven’t studied for today’s test yet. Time to hit the books!
    As for the exam, I’m pleased to report you passed with flying colors.
    Are you going to skip class and go to the beach?
    “Why don’t we see Joanne Red at school anymore?”
    “Oh, she’s a dropout, she left high school last week.”
    Marcus is a teacher’s pet. He cannot shut up. He runs to the class after lunch and seems to always be raising his hand.

A funny video by English is Fun! on this topic:

  • A POP QUIZ => An unexpected exam.
  • TO READ OUT LOUD => To read loud enough that anyone can hear you and follow along.
  • TO PLAY HOOKY => To not go to school when you’re supposed to.
  • CLASS CLOWN => The person in the class who just likes to act silly and make everyone laugh during class.

Now that you know all these idioms, try to fill the gaps in this quiz to find out if you remember their meanings:

Activity for teachers: School idioms ex.
Answers: School idioms ex. answers

Geography – Visual vocabulary

Pro Ace’s video on GEOGRAPHY – VOCABULARY:

Here more terms, for intermediate and advanced English students (video made by London English Classes):


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 Click here to play hangman games on this topic: game

How to express emotions/feelings in English – (for beginner and intermediate English students)

wheel of emotions

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How to express feelings in English (for beginners) – PRO ACE’s video

How to express emotions in English (for beginners) – Shaw English Online’s video:

Expressing feelings in English (for Intermediate English students) – ESLEnglishFaby’s video:

Old bones are found – News in levels (level 3)

Click here for the written version, or if you want to change the level: Old bones are found.


CRYPT => An underground room for burying people.
TO STUMBLE => To find something by chance.
SCATTER => Things that are placed randomly over an area.
TEMPLE => A building for religious practice.
DISTURBANCE => A situation when people behave violently.
DISTINCT => Special; different in a way that you can see, hear, smell, feel, etc.
DESECRATION => The act of desecrating something or treating a place with violent disrespect.
MURAL => A painting on a wall.
NATIVITY SCENE => A model which represents the birth of Jesus Christ.

UNTIL, BY, or BY THE TIME? What’s the difference?


A video made by EngVid about this topic (for intermediate students):

If you think you master this topic try to fill in the gaps in these sentences:

qUIZ_8-05Tomorrow the answers will be available on Facebook . (Album Quizzes’ answers)