5 ‘world’ English idioms

5 “world” English idioms video

1) They’re on top of the world since they had a baby.

=> They are extremely happy about it.
=> IDIOM: to be on top of the world.

2) I think the world of my parents.

=> I value and respect them.
=> IDIOM: to think the world of someone.

3) Nothing much. Just sitting here watching the world go by.

=> I am doing almost nothing, I’m just sitting around.
=> IDIOM: to watch the world go by.

4) He had the whole world at his feet by the time he was 30.

=> He had become extremely successful, popular and admired.
=> IDIOM: to have the world at your feet.

5) Congratulations on your new job. You’re really moving up in the world.

=> You are becoming more and more successful.
=> IDIOM: to move up in the world.

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