Test your knowledge of Education Vocabulary (IELTS Preparation)

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Downloadable PDF version: Test your knowledge of Education Vocabulary (IELTS Preparation) – Without answers

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IELTS preparation – Quiz on confusing words

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Downloadable PDF version: Confusing words and false friends

Answers: Confusing words and false friends – Answers

“Bogus” – What does it mean?


Example sentences from the web:

  • Some of the reviews on these sites are bogus, and even the real ones are written by people with an extreme experience to report – either an exceptionally good one or an outrageously bad one.
  • The address on that shipment turns out to be bogus —a rented mail drop.
  • It was just a bogus claim.

“To ascertain” – What does it mean?

To ascertain


Ascertain - visual thesaurus

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Example sentences from the web:

  • She hasn’t told the truth as far as anybody can pretty much ascertain for anything significant in years.
  • The level of local government debt nationwide is hard to ascertain.
  • He looked at the sky to ascertain that a half day’s light remained.

Inane – What does it mean?


Example sentences from the web:

  • He’s always making inane remarks.
  • Five minutes have passed since you started this inane conversation.
  • The film’s plot is inane and full of clichés.

Words from the example sentences you may not know:

To yammer => (informal) to talk in an annoying way usually for a long time.
Cliché => something that people have said or done so much that it has become boring or has no real meaning.