“To be/feel/look bushed” – English idiom

To be bushed

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Be/feel/look bushed

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Example sentences from the web:

  • After all that exercise, I’m bushed.
  • The poor kid is bushed, I’ll take her home. She’s not in any shape to take more right now.
  • “We’re off to bed now”, said Alfonso. “We are bushed!” Isabella laughed.
    “Well, we are”, said Ronnie, indignantly.
    “We’ve done a lot today, you know. And walked miles.”
    “I know that. I’m not laughing at you being tired, Ron. It’s just when we say in Australia that we’re bushed, it can also mean that we’re lost. Or confused. Like we don’t know what’s going on. Not just tired […].”
    Taken from Whitely, M, 2014, Bushed!, Elm House Publishing, p. 84.

Words and expressions from the example sentences that you may not know:

  • TO BE IN SHAPE => to be in good condition physically and functionally
  • TO BE OFF TO BED => .to go to bed; to go to sleep.