To concede – Vocabulary (advanced)


Example sentences:

  • Steve had to concede the rival another victory.
  • The company was forced to concede that items of private data had been illegally stored.
  • I don’t concede that I’m being unreasonable for merely trying to be rational about our living arrangement.

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Source:  Adam Withnall Gambia election: President Yahya Jammeh in shock defeat to former Argos security guard Adama Barrow, Independent


Source: Hardik Vyas, Independent


Source:  in Chicago and in Washington, The Guardian

“To hamper” – What does it mean?

To_hamperOther examples from the web:

  • Fog hampered the rescue effort.
  • The dancers’ movements were hampered by their elaborate costumes.
  • Unlike Mrs Andreasen, I do not think that this transparency will hamper the finance industry’s competitiveness.
  • There are really too many obstacles hampering citizens wishing to study, work or go and shop in another Member State.

Words from the example sentences you may not know:

RESCUEthe act of rescuing; to free or deliver from confinement, violence, danger, or evil.
ELABORATE = made or done with great care or with much detail.