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Example sentences:

  • I love this country and relish the opportunity to touch the stones and buildings that have seen so much history, but whenever I visit, I have a hard time getting past the reality of the city I see before me. Each time I want it to be the way I’ve imagined it: grand yet quaint, bustling but without the tourists, and entirely old.

    Source: Washingtonpost.com

  • For the more adventurous: I went, on several recommendations, to Roast in Borough Market, which, on a Friday, is a wonderful experience. The bustling market is just waking up and delicious food is sold all around as you enter.

    Source: Telegraph.co.uk

Visual example

Winter vocabulary – ADVANCED

Useful vocabulary for advanced learners:


TO BUNDLE UP => (PHRASAL VERB) If you bundle up, you wear a lot of clothes, usually because of cold weather.

ICICLE => a long pointed piece of ice hanging down from a surface.

In the picture, you can see a SNOWPLOUGH (in American English SNOWPLOW), a vehicle used to push snow off roads, called also just PLOUGH. This is also the name of a farming tool: