The psychology of Game of Thrones | StarTalk – Listening comprehension

This is a short video (3.10 minutes) realised by The National Geographic “The psychology of Game of Thrones”. On this video, the psychologist Travis Langley discusses how Game of Thrones affects the mind. I suggest that you read the vocabulary list before watching the video. Watch it a first time, then read the sentences in the exercise. After that, watch the video a second time and try to fill in the gaps. You can find a free PDF version with answers below.


  • Warrior: a person who fights in battle or war., known for having courage, a great vigour and skills. 
  • To cope with something: to manage, to deal successfully with or handle a situation.
    Ex. The book is about coping with stress.

  • To shut down: to cause (an opponent) to be unsuccessful, unable to score; to close temporarily; to stop operating.
    Ex. There’s no way to shut down the simulation.
  • Injury: harm or damage.
    Ex. John couldn’t compete in the race because he had an injury.

  • Revenge: the act of doing something to hurt someone because that person did something that hurt you; to take vengeance for.
    Ex. Nothing good ever came from seeking revenge.
  • Recurring: happening many times, or happening again.
    Ex. This has been my recurring dream for the last 50 years.
  • To restore: to bring back a situation or feeling that existed before.
    Ex. The order was restored after the riots.

Fill in the gaps in the following sentences

  1. Travis: I am a psychology professor, a big __________, and I love using fiction to talk about real psychology.

  2. Neil: So what’s the takeaway from all this violence in the minds of who’s ____________________ audience?

  3. Travis: We know that in experiments that watching violence produces short-term effects on someone’s __________________.

  4. Travis: That’s interesting because if you could __________________, that would be an amazing advance in our understanding of the psychological state of  ________________.

  5. Travis: There are people who, as a form of _______________ with horrible situations, do shut ___________ parts of themselves.

  6. Neil: Tell me about the psychology of __________________.

  7. Travis: And when we feel __________________, when something horrible has happened that made us feel helpless, it’s hard to maintain a sense of _________________ strong.

  8. Travis: And I always said I really think “Game of Thrones” is so popular because of the psychology of the __________________. It’s not about the dragons, the White __________________, or the magic. It’s about the human ______________.

  9. Travis: They hadn’t  ________________ dragons in a long time. For most of them, they’re __________________ about dragons–the                               of dragons.

  10. Neil: Thank you for sharing your psychological __________________.

Downloadable PDF version (with answers): the-psychology-of-game-of-thrones-startalk-listening-comprehension-free-english-materials-for-you


Pop/Old man – Slang

pop old man- slang - femfy - Free English Materials For You.png

Example sentences from the web:

  • In 1995, I called my old man when I landed in Miami after getting cut from the Canadian Football League’s Calgary Stamped-ers and I said, ” Dad, you got ta come get me. “
  • My old man phoned to check up on me.
  • So you and pop should just go home.
  • Sounds like you and your pop had a lot in common.

Teaching ANIMALS to kindergarten & preschool children

In my experience, the best way to teach animals and their sounds to kindergarten and preschool children is through songs, flashcards, playing, and drawing.

My favourite website is Super Simple Learning because they have a wide variety of free resources (videos, flashcards, colouring pages, worksheets, and crafts). In particular, the kids like very much and Old McDonald had a farm and I have a pet:

Old McDonald Had a Farm femfy free english kids kindergarten Preschool homeschool (1).png

I’ve found these flashcards here:

One song the kids can’t stop singing is 5 Little Monkeys Jumping on the bed (Little Fox version):

Super Simple Learning has it too with a lot of free resources, I printed and coloured this play set:


Two weeks ago they coloured these:


Source: ISL Collective



Treetop Family – Episode 12 – Colouring pages

And last week I printed these out:


… And they coloured them :-).

Animals and their homes kids activity coloring pages femfy.png

Then, they learn a lot playing BINGO and with little flashcards. 



Short listening comprehension – This 11-Year-Old Is Keeping Homeless People Warm

This is a short listening comprehension activity on Aj+ video “This 11-Year-Old Is Keeping Homeless People Warm“. Sometimes, it’s good to watch something that can cheer us up. I’m scared by the increasing racism against refugees, homeless people, and needy people in general. I hope this situation will change, I hope people will understand that we have to help each other. I hope this spreading anger and violence against people in need, will stop. I hope people will understand that sometimes you don’t need to be rich to be able to help someone else. Sometimes a small gesture can change someone’s day. 

Watch the video, then try to fill in the gaps and answer the questions below. There’s a downloadable PDF version with answers 😉 .


Fill in the gaps in the following sentences

  1. Rudy: Hi, I’m Rudy Washington, otherwise known as the sock-men and today I’m _________ _____ socks to the _____________________ people on this very cold day in Detroit.

  2. Homeless man: It only takes one man to change the world. Remember that it comes from the ___________ it comes from right here, that’s what makes the man.

  3. Rudy: It’s not about me … that’s somebody’s mum, dad, sister, brother … You never know how much you have until you ___________ what you have.

Answer the following questions:

  1. How did the idea of Sock Drive start?
  2. How many pairs of socks were donated to homeless people in 2016?
  3. What are Rudy’s hobbies, besides volunteer work?

PDF version with answers: listening-comprehension-this-11-year-old-is-keeping-homeless-people-warm




Example sentences from the web:

  • Does the Council intend to back up the diplomatic work being carried out by Spain and the other Member States on this issue?
  • He is backed up by other professors at Copenhagen University, Kaj Sand-Jensen and Carsten Rahbek.
  • Everyone, back up a little bit here.
  • Could you back up a little to give me some room?


back up synonyms.png


Recommended Vocabulary Apps


Professor ESL

screen-shot-2017-01-13-at-1-07-38-pmVocabulary Apps:

Duolingo – This is a great app for learning vocabulary and for practicing sentences. You can “level up” in the target language and compete against your classmates for the most points. The class link is here:

Screen Shot 2017-01-13 at 1.08.32 PM.pngMemrise – There are many English courses available for students. Memrise has students associate words or images with vocabulary to help students remember vocabulary.

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