Short listening comprehension – This 11-Year-Old Is Keeping Homeless People Warm

This is a short listening comprehension activity on Aj+ video “This 11-Year-Old Is Keeping Homeless People Warm“. Sometimes, it’s good to watch something that can cheer us up. I’m scared by the increasing racism against refugees, homeless people, and needy people in general. I hope this situation will change, I hope people will understand that we have to help each other. I hope this spreading anger and violence against people in need, will stop. I hope people will understand that sometimes you don’t need to be rich to be able to help someone else. Sometimes a small gesture can change someone’s day. 

Watch the video, then try to fill in the gaps and answer the questions below. There’s a downloadable PDF version with answers 😉 .


Fill in the gaps in the following sentences

  1. Rudy: Hi, I’m Rudy Washington, otherwise known as the sock-men and today I’m _________ _____ socks to the _____________________ people on this very cold day in Detroit.

  2. Homeless man: It only takes one man to change the world. Remember that it comes from the ___________ it comes from right here, that’s what makes the man.

  3. Rudy: It’s not about me … that’s somebody’s mum, dad, sister, brother … You never know how much you have until you ___________ what you have.

Answer the following questions:

  1. How did the idea of Sock Drive start?
  2. How many pairs of socks were donated to homeless people in 2016?
  3. What are Rudy’s hobbies, besides volunteer work?

PDF version with answers: listening-comprehension-this-11-year-old-is-keeping-homeless-people-warm


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