Teaching ANIMALS to kindergarten & preschool children

In my experience, the best way to teach animals and their sounds to kindergarten and preschool children is through songs, flashcards, playing, and drawing.

My favourite website is Super Simple Learning because they have a wide variety of free resources (videos, flashcards, colouring pages, worksheets, and crafts). In particular, the kids like very much and Old McDonald had a farm and I have a pet:

Old McDonald Had a Farm femfy free english kids kindergarten Preschool homeschool (1).png

I’ve found these flashcards here: http://supersimplelearning.com/resource-center/browse/song/m-o/old-mcdonald/

One song the kids can’t stop singing is 5 Little Monkeys Jumping on the bed (Little Fox version):

Super Simple Learning has it too with a lot of free resources, I printed and coloured this play set:


Two weeks ago they coloured these:


Source: ISL Collective



Treetop Family – Episode 12 – Colouring pages

And last week I printed these out:


… And they coloured them :-).

Animals and their homes kids activity coloring pages femfy.png

Then, they learn a lot playing BINGO and with little flashcards. 



We give books

We give books is a website created mostly for kids, nevertheless it gives great resources to adult learners too.
You must register, but it’s free and it’s worth it!
For example, if you are struggling trying to learn weather vocabulary, this book could be helpful:
Changing_climatesWhat's_weather“Weather” by DK Publishing.

This book could help you learn words about animals and where they live:
Animals_at_homeBeavers“Animals at home” by David Lock, DK Publishing.

This is the website’s link: http://www.wegivebooks.org/

“We give books” supports worldwide charities. You can pick an organization and each time you read a book you will donate to that charity the book you’re reading.