“Fair and square” – English idiom

Fair and square - English Idiom meaning.jpg

More example sentences from the web:

  • Emily beat you fair and square in Marty’s trials.

  • My father won that money fair and square.

  • I earned it. Fair and square.

Linking words – test

Linking words (named also “connecting words”) are essential for those who want to improve their writing skills.
What are linking words?
As you can deduce these English words are employed to link/connect parts of speech or whole sentences.
Linking words can be used to:

– show the reason for something;
– add ideas together;
– contrast ideas.


Find out if you know how to use linking words, take this test:

Test on linking wordsGriffiths, M. (2010), IELTS Writing: A Comprehensive Guide, Smashwords Edition. 

Tomorrow the answers will be available on Facebook: Free English Materials (Album Quizzes’ answers).