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Visual Vocabulary 3

Landscape (2)

Image source

Bamby was exploring the forest  forest when he encountered a fallen log (trunk) tree-576846_1280.png. Thumper, the rabbit rabbit-551991_1920.jpg, decided to use this trunk to teach Bamby how to jumpfreedom-307791_1280.png. After that, Thumper taught Bamby to say “birdbird-548654_1280.png and “butterflybutterfly-142506_1280.jpg.

The simple past of the verb “to teach” is “taught”.

Remember that the plural of “butterfly” is “butterflies” and the singular of “leaves” is “leaf”.

Landscape (3).jpgImage source



Simple present or present progressive?


Taken from Alexander, L. G. (1998), Longman English Grammar Practice for intermediate students, Harlow, Longman

“Rude” – What does it mean?

Rude Rude 2

A visual map of rude’s synonyms:

Rude - Synonyms


Example sentences from the web:

  • He was rude to you, too; he never even noticed that you were in the room, after I came.
  • Mary ran away because Frank was rude to her. He told her that she’s getting fat.
  • Hans felt he had been rude to Sylvia, but he apologized immediately.

“Bogus” – What does it mean?


Example sentences from the web:

  • Some of the reviews on these sites are bogus, and even the real ones are written by people with an extreme experience to report – either an exceptionally good one or an outrageously bad one.
  • The address on that shipment turns out to be bogus —a rented mail drop.
  • It was just a bogus claim.

Inane – What does it mean?


Example sentences from the web:

  • He’s always making inane remarks.
  • Five minutes have passed since you started this inane conversation.
  • The film’s plot is inane and full of clichés.

Words from the example sentences you may not know:

To yammer => (informal) to talk in an annoying way usually for a long time.
Cliché => something that people have said or done so much that it has become boring or has no real meaning.