Beggars can’t be choosers – English proverb


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For those who don’t know the meaning of “beggar”:

BEGGAR => a person who lives by asking for money, food, etc.

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Article from Daily  Mail Online

Humiliations of being a midlife renter: HANNAH BETTS is 45, gainfully employed – and has never been a homeowner





“A good husband makes a good wife” – English proverb

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Example sentence:

  • Don’t blame your wife for being quick-tempered with you; you haven’t been kind to her lately. A good husband makes a good wife!
    QUICK-TEMPERED => becoming angry quickly and easily.

“To steal someone’s thunder” – English proverb

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Example sentences from the web:

– Mike stole my thunder when he said he had done all the work. That isn’t  true. In fact, I did most of it!
– What do you mean by coming in here and stealing my thunder? I’m in charge here!
– She stole my thunder, just like she stole last week’s pantsuit design from Versace.

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steal someone's thunder learning Enlgish