Attack in Nice: Lorry driver confirmed as Mohamed Lahouaiej-Bouhlel – BBC News

Another terrible mass murder took place yesterday in Nice (France). Below the BBC video confirming the identity of the lorry driver responsible for killing all these people:

Words you may not know:

  • Promenade: seaside walking path.
  • To piece together: to bring together (various parts or pieces) to form one complete thing.
  • Fingerprint:
  • Lorry: 


  • To throw a light: to clarify something; to provide an explanation for something.
  • Abominable: very bad; horrible; abhorrent; unpleasant.
  • Odd: strange or unexpected.
  • To slam: to shut (close something) with force and loud noise.
  • Frankly: in an honest and direct way. 
  • Delivery driver: a person who delivers goods to customers.
  • Petty crime: a type of crime that is not considered serious when compared with some other crimes; minor offences.
  • Breakdown: a typically sudden collapse (failure) in physical or mental health.
  • Mass murder: the act of killing a lot of people.

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