Survival Kit for English Learners PART #1 Videos

Many students have recently asked me how to improve their English. That’s why I decided to create this “Survival kit”. 

In order to improve your listening skills, you should watch English movies and TV series. Unfortunately, for students that is often just frustrating (it causes feelings of anger and annoyance). For this reason, I suggest them to watch videos on VOA because they are made for English learners, so they are shorter and with subtitles.

For instance, this is one of VOA’s videos:

On YouTube, VOA features several playlists:

EIM: English in a Minute

Let’s Learn English

Everyday Grammar TV

News Words

American Stories

Health Report

Economics Report

Agriculture Report

I follow on Facebook and on YouTube AJ+. This is a global news community for the connected generation. They upload videos on different topics, some are very short but probably a bit more difficult to understand than VOA’s videos for learners because there aren’t subtitles on all of them. On Free English Materials For You, I shared some of AJ+ videos with vocabulary lists to make it possible for learners to understand them.

This is one of AJ+ videos:

Sometimes AJ+ collaborates with TED . The great thing about TED Talks is that often you can add subtitles in your native language. Then, it is often possible to download the transcripts.

This is one of TED Talks videos:

On TEDEd you can watch some short animated video with subtitles. You can then test your listening comprehension answering to some questions.

For example: 

If you want to learn grammar through videos, British Council‘s (Learn English Teens) website is one of the best.
They have a Grammar Videos section with downloadable transcripts and exercises:

British Council Grammar Teens.png

If you want to learn English grammar, idioms, vocabulary, slang expressions, etc. on YouTube from experienced native-speaker teachers, check EngVid . This is one of their videos:

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