Visual vocabulary 6


Photo credit: Paco CT via / CC BY-NC-SA

HOT-AIR BALLOON =>  a lighter-than-air craft in which air heated by a flame is trapped in large fabric bag. Hanging under the balloon, there is a basket (container) in which people can ride.
In this picture, you can notice that there are seven people in the  basket and the flame is visible because they are flying:

Hot-air balloon

Photo credit: Arun Katiyar via / CC BY-SA

The first hot-air balloon was created in 1783 by two brothers, Joseph-Michel and Jacques-Ètienne Montgolfier. 

CROWD => a large group of people. This is a crowd:

Crowd meaning.jpg
Photo credit: mararie via / CC BY-SA

LAWN => grass-covered land.
In this picture, the lawn is dry, probably because it didn’t rain for a while (the grass isn’t green).

dry lawn.jpg
Photo credit: mugley via / CC BY-NC-ND

STROLLER => a small carriage with four wheels that a baby or small child can ride in while someone pushes it.

Stroller mening.jpg

Photo credit: alberth2 via / CC BY-SA

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